Instant Pots vs Air Fryers: All You Need to Know

Most of us cook at home regularly and we are constantly finding ways to make the cooking process easy and quick, at the same time our focus is also to make the food delicious and healthy. At times all of this could be difficult to achieve at once but now several kitchen appliances and devices have been introduced which can make this task achievable. Two of the most popular kitchen appliances in this regard are the air fryers and instant pots. In this article, we will draw a detailed comparison of instant pots vs air fryers and find out which one is better to use.

Instant Pots

Instant Pot is one of the best multi-purpose cooking devices in the market. It fits to all your needs including all types of cooking, steaming, warming and sautéing. With this one appliance you can have it all and cook as many items as you want to. Prepare eggs, rice, flavored yogurts and so much more.  It doesn’t only fulfill all your daily meal preparing needs but completes all the hectic cooking tasks in lesser time. In comparison to other appliances it is much better due to wide variety of options.

How does an Instant Pot Work?

In order to understand the working of this all new multi-purpose device is very easy. It has a variety of modes and can be considered as an electric pressure cooker. Instant pot heats the water to a 120°C which is why the food is prepared in a shorter time in comparison to other appliances. The instant pot has 3 layers which include an outer pot, an inner pot and a covering. All of these 3 parts work together in an efficient manner to ensure a high pressure and high temperature atmosphere. Such an atmosphere helps food cook easily and enhances the taste.

Features of Instant Pots

Cooking can be tiresome and slow, that is why we have introduced our instant pot. This amazing device doesn’t only speed up the process of cooking but makes things so much easier. You can make all types of pastas and rice without worrying about anything. Simply place the food item into the pot and within minutes you will have a prepared meal in front of you. You will not need to wait for the water to reach boiling point, nor strain yourself about draining the water from vegetables as Instant pot takes care of all of this. Adjust the pressure, temperature and timer according to your need and prepare meals of your choice daily.

Instant pots have a lot of variety which include pots ranging from sizes 3 to 8 quarts. You can select the pot size according to your family size. It may sound funny, but it is actually true! Larger pots are suitable for families having 8 or more people while smaller pots accommodate families of 2 or more. Moreover, we also have smart pots that can be monitored from your smartphones so that you can have as much relaxation as possible at least from cooking.

This high-power machine is ideal for those people who don’t have a lot of time to spare for cooking. You can defrost and cook at the same time. Have the perfectly steamed and cooked meals at your home.

Air Fryers

An air fryer is also a one of the most famous cooking appliances. It enables you to cook all sorts of fried food without any frying. Isn’t it cool? This means that you get all those tasty fried meals without compromising on your health. It is ideal for people who want to get rid of extra oil from their lives. This superb device keeps you healthy and your taste buds fulfilled.

How do Air Fryers Work?

Just like any oven, air fryers use the air and heat to cook food. The inbuilt fan blows hot air over the food placed inside in order to make it crispy and edible. You cook the whole meal without using a single drop of oil and the it turns out to be equally amazing as cooked into a deep frying pan with lots of oil. All you need to do is place your food on the tray, set the timer and let the fryer do the work.

Features of Air Fryers

Now a days as we all know obesity and heart problems are very common, unfortunately! And that’s why a lot of people are so particular about the diet they consume especially parents are getting super paranoid about their young kids’ diets. That’s why a lot of people are now very considerate about cooking food without oils and fats. This can be accomplished by efficient air fryers. Air fryers help you reduce the usage of oil by a significant amount and prepare meals in much less time as compare to other frying alternate options. You can monitor and set the timer of air fryer according to your requirements. Also, this device is not only easy to use but also easy to clean.

The parts of the air fryer can be easily cleaned without leaving behind any signs of grease which may stick to your kitchen shelves for years. Your kitchen counters are safe from oil spills and all sorts of weird combination of food smells. You don’t need to put in extra effort in washing cooking pots and get into all the hassle.

For all those people who are health conscious and want a healthy lifestyle, must get this air fryer in their homes for daily cooking. On other hand it is useful for people who are scared of frying and cooking on stoves for long hours can easily prepare meals with this easy to use air fryer. Good news: Now you can cook amazing fried meals even in hot weather without shedding any sweat and standing in front of heat for prolonged hours.

Comparison of Instant Pots vs Air Fryers

Versatility & Durability Winner: Instant Pots

Well, of course every appliance has its own benefits and drawbacks. The only thing that the Instant pot cannot do is cook ‘fried food’. Air fryers can easily prepare all sorts of fried food items. However, one cannot ignore the fact that Instant pots prepare a variety of rice, pastas, soups and much more within minutes. Hence, instant pot an upgraded version of a normal pressure cooker, adds variety to your table with multiple usability options and time saving technique.

Ease of Use Winner: Air Fryers

Using an air fryer is much easier than an Instant pot. For an instant pot you will need to set different modes and carry out a greater number of steps. In comparison to this, the Air Fryer has only two dials and with those two dials you just need to set time and temperature. Rest of the work will be done by the appliance itself and it would be idea for people who prefer comfort over anything. Hence, air fryers are the best choice for beginners and those who do not feel comfortable with high tech equipment.

Healthy Eating Winner: Instant Pots

Air fryers may give you a more comfort in terms of usability, but most of the times items cooked in an air fryer are already cooked frozen or highly processed goods. For example, frozen chicken patties, nuggets, chunks etc. So people who are diet conscious  would find it harmful and would avoid it. Whereas, Instant pots promote nutritious cooking and have healthier options. For example, cooking beans from scratch by placing beans, spices, water and other ingredients of your choice which you have bought from authentic stores yourself. Therefore, in terms of nutrition and health Instant pots win this battle against Air fryers.

Size Winner: Air Fryers

Although having a smaller device is generally convenient because it is easier to handle and preferred in smaller kitchens or set ups. So in this regard, air fryer is a winner. Generally, air fryers are smaller in size than Instant pots so more people might be attracted to it. While cooking on daily basis you can easily handle the air fryers, move them in your home, place them at any corner and they take minimal space and effort. Of course families that are quite large in number require bigger appliances such as Instant pots to prepare bulk meals but if you are a family of two or three then the best choice for you is the Air fryer.

So Instant Pot or Air Fryer?

Looking at a holistic view after the above drawn comparison, we see that Instant pots have an edge as compare to air fryers. However, while visiting the market to buy an appliance it is very important that you keep in mind all your requirements, daily cooking needs and usability. While keeping this in mind always asks keep in mind the following questions: What sorts of food items are preferred in your house? What size is your family? Are you a foodie and very particular about the food? What are you comfortable with?

If you like fried food and consume it on daily basis then choose an air fryer but if you prefer a proper meal and like to have variety then go for Instant pots. These questions will help you make an accurate choice and select the item that is the best fit for you. Of course in terms of durability and price, Instant pots are much more preferred.

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  1. So after reading this, I guess most people would prefer an instant pot over an air fryer. and rightly so. i personally think instant pot is a much better option than air fryers.

  2. Most of the people prefer healthy eating over the size, so I guess Instant Pot is the clear winner here. My mom and I were having this discussion today if we should purchase an air fryer or should spend a little extra and go for an Instant Pot. Instant pot is definitely a better option. 🙂


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