Instant Pot Max vs Ultra: Full Comparison

Instant Pots

Instants Pots are considered to be the most effective multi-functional pressure cookers which enhance the quality of food along with reducing cooking time. There are many different versions of instant pot available in the market and in the past, we have also reviewed them for your convenience but this time we are going to review one of the most talked about model which is Instant Pot Ultra. Instant Pot Max and Instant Pot Ultra have attracted a lot of customers recently but what is the actual reason behind it, and which one should you buy before your next cooking adventure? Here is our complete Instant Pot Max vs Ultra comparison.

Instant Pot Ultra

The Instant Pot Ultra is called the 10 in 1 multipurpose cooking pot and rightfully so because it offers a variety of solutions to chefs and cooks. The Instant Pot Ultra has preprogrammed cooking modes which is ideal for anyone who cannot decide about the pressure which is to be applied or the time it will take to cook a dish. This has been a common concern for me, whenever I cook beef, I am never able to gauge how much time will be required before the meat becomes fully tender. Instant Pot Ultra gives a really easy option in this regard as one does not have to think a lot about all the details and simply press a few buttons to make their favorite dish. The cooking modes can be selected using the spin dial control. You can easily view all the details on the front LCD screen.  However, if you are very sensitive about your food then you can adjust your own settings and decide how much time, pressure and temperature is required for the dish.  The coolest addition is of the progress cooking graph that shows the pre heat, cooking and warming stage.

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Instant Pot Max

Instant Pot Max offers maximum solutions for all foodies; it is really the best option one could ever have. Offering a range of cooking options and innovative solutions, Instant Pot Max is known to be the most pertinent invention of the century. Instant Pot Max is an upgraded version therefore it has many features which were not found in Instant Pot Ultra. They Instant Pot Max does not have an LCD screen or buttons to set a preprogrammed cooking mode rather a touch screen has been introduced in the latest version which makes the process smooth. Instant Pot Max is also the first pot to offer the possibility of canning the food. This could not be done in previous pots because the required temperature and pressure was difficult to achieve but with Instant Pot Max processes have become really smooth. It has officially become my mom’s all-time favorite because she can cook variety of food items in the Max version including brinjal mash with variety ingredients or raw eggplant.

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Max version

Instant Pot Max helps you to maximize your cooking capabilities; if you select the multicooker option in the max version then recipes can be cooked in literally 10 to 15 minutes. Now that’s quite hard to imagine especially if you are cooking meat or chicken. Many times we are hosting a lot of friends and family members, we need to cook unlimited amount of dishes for such gatherings but at the same time we have limited time as well so in such situations appliances like Instant Pot Max could prove to be really helpful.

Instant Pot Max vs Instant Pot Ultra – Key Differences

New Interface

The biggest difference between Instant Pot Max and the Instant Pot Ultra is the new dynamic interface which is introduced in the Instant Pot Max. The sleek and shiny interface is basically a touch screen giving a range of options to foodies. Instant Pot Ultra had too many buttons on the front side and seemed to be one confusing device. The first time my friend tried to operate an Instant Pot Ultra she was so overwhelmed just by the look of it that she could not even start using it and packed it as it is. The touch panel of Instant Pot Max provides a streamlined experience with customized temperature, pressure and altitude settings. Now its swift and easy to use!

Max Pressure

The renewed pressure level also creates a major difference between Instant Pot Max and Instant Pot Ultra. Previous versions of pots allowed you to select between low and high pressure but usually the high pressure could not cross 11.5 PSI but with Instant Pot Max the situation has changed radically. The pressure could now be set up to 15 PSI using the max pressure offer. This is the prime reason the name of this new version is Instant pot MAX because everything is max’xed out in this latest version.

Sous Vide Cooking *food preserving method

Instant Pot Max allows you to select a particular temperature instead of a generic range. Since Sous Vide cooking requires food to be cooked in water at a specific temperature hence the Instant Pot Max is very effective for this type of cooking. There is an internal sensor in the Instant Pot Max which helps the temperature to be accurate. The consistency of the food is ideal and at the same time it is juicy and tender.

Cooking Process

The cooking process for the Instant Pot Max is also very different from Instant Pot Ultra because unlike its predecessor it does not have the preprogrammed cooking functions. However, a lot of other options are available. One can set the cooking time, delay time, elevation setting and pressure level. There is an additional temperature sensor as well, helping to correctly maintain internal temperature.

Pressure release

In the Instant Pot Max button for pressure release has been incorporated on the control panel which makes it way safer to operate in comparison to Instant Pot Ultra where the button was close the lid and could result in damage if not handled with care.

Stir the food with ease

No one could have imagined that food could be stirred on its own but with Instant Pot Max this has actually become true. Now you don’t need to tire your hand stirring your dishes for hours rather the Instant Pot Max will do itself. Instant Pot Max has a pulse release function which helps in agitating the food inside. This feature was not available in Instant Pot Ultra


Canning food in Instant Pot Ultra was rather difficult because the pressure levels were rather low but in Instant Pot Max offers high pressure range such as 15 PSI therefore canning is now a doable option with Instant Pot Max. This is great news for all the sea food lovers and meat eaters because cooking foods such as fish, prawns etc. will be easier if one opts for Instant Pot Max.

Should You Buy Instant Pot Max or Ultra?

Now after reading so many differences one must be confused that which pot should be preferred if we are planning to spend our hard earned money. This is a million dollar question so we will highlight few important points which you should consider before opting for either one

Quality of food

Instant Pot Max offers range of temperature and pressure options which could be manually or automatically set. There are internal sensors located as well and canning process is also rather easy in this new version therefore the quality of food is naturally better in Instant Pot Max. Ultra version does not cater to these minute details therefore food cooked in Ultra Pot lacks consistency and tenderness.

Variety of food

If you want anything from sweet potatoes to grilled fish to beef stew then Instant Pot Max is the go to option. It allows both sous vide style of cooking and canning therefore multiple dishes can be cooked in a short span of time.


Instant Pot Max is a new entrant and offers so many things that naturally its price will be on the higher side. It is relatively expensive in comparison to other pots but as they say good things come with a good price tag as well so you will have to invest big once but it will be a fruitful investment.


Instant Pot Ultra gave a horrifying look because it has so many buttons right on the front surface, it could actually scare you if you are new to cooking but Instant Pot Max has an elegant design. The display portion enhances the aesthetic and helps you navigate through various options easily.

Instant Pot Max vs Ultra Comparison: Verdict

Alright it’s time to take the final decision, whether you are a food critic, a chef, a connoisseur or just a food lover, the best option obviously will be the Instant Pot Max. Its innovative, it’s easy to use and it allows you to make so many dishes that the foodie inside you will be overjoyed. However, if you are not a risk taker, don’t like to experiment with your food and would rather stick to conventional style of cooking then ultra-pot will suit you. In both cases your experience will improve but with Instant Pot Max it will be maxed out.


6 thoughts on “Instant Pot Max vs Ultra: Full Comparison”

  1. I can’t say explain how good is theInstant Pot Max cooker! It’s super easy to use and cooks most of the dishes in half time. It’s must-have in every kitchen!! Seriously!

  2. I’m using Ultra and it’s literally THE BEST cooking device ever. I cook almost everything in it. I don’t thing any other appliance can beat it. 10/10 for performance!

  3. The best thing about Instant Pot pressure cookers is that they give you alternative cooking methods. I’ve owned both these Instant pots and both are amazing appliances tbh.

  4. I’ve used Ultra and last month I got IP Max. I thought there won’t be any major differences but there are. The pressure level is the most significant one. And as you mentioned, Max allows you to set a particular temperature unlike Ultra. None the less, both are great appliances.

  5. This is the most detailed and helpful IP comparison I’ve come across. Thanks a bunch! Got all the info I needed.


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