Instant Pot Max Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Gone are the days when would spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals for the day. Time is valuable today and not many people have the patience to cook food for so long. Considering the changing needs of people, companies have introduced easy solutions for customers. One of the most popular kitchen appliance these days is the “Instant Pot”. These magical pots entered the culinary world a few years ago and revamped the cooking experience making it faster and easier. Every year few modifications are introduced in these pots which enhance their performance. The most recent pot to hit the market is the instant pot max which is considered to be one of best. Read the detailed Instant Pot Max review to know whether this Instant Pot model is worth the buy.

Features of Instant Pot Max

The big difference

The new Instant Pot Max offers a lot of fresh features beyond grilling, pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, rice cooking and yogurt making but the biggest difference is that the previous electric models could not achieve the 15 psi point when cooking with pressure but with Instant Pot Max the 15 psi can easily be reached making the process of cooking 10 to 15 times faster. Yes you read it right even more faster than simple instant pot. This development is huge in cooking world because the biggest concern while cooking extensive dishes is the time they take. Now one with Instant Pot Max even this concern is removed.


Instant Pot Max has been introduced with a lot of new modifications and specifications but the one which has gained the most attention is the nutriboost feature. This technological innovation allows the food to move inside the pot in the direction of the boiling water which reduces cooking time. This is a great addition if you want to cook rice, broth or dried beans.


Instant Pot Max releases automatic steam release function which enhances the canning process. The pressure threshold of this latest model is much more in comparison to other models of the Instant pot. This improved threshold eliminates the need for other appliances like pressure cooker, pressure canner, slow cooker and rice cooker. Everything could easily be managed and cooked with the Instant Pot Max. Anything can be cooked inside the Instant pot Max from a steamy chicken to fudgy chocolate cake on a lazy Sunday evening.

Touchscreen Controls

The new Instant pot max has a digital touch screen, a two in one feature. One can control all functions through the touch screen such as the internal temperature, release time etc. All the information will be displayed alongside; you will also get to know when the food will be ready! That’s the best feature for anyone who’s always thinking whether the food is properly cooked or not!


As soon as the cooking time expires, the venting process will automatically begin. You won’t have to manually keep a check or wait for it to initiate. The process has now become automatic with the introduction of new Instant Pot Max. Instant Pot Max allows you to program venting and pressure cooking time so it is fixed before you actually start to cook.

Detachable Cord

This is a handy feature, allowing you to store the cooker conveniently. With the Instant Max, the cord is not permanently attached. You can easily detach it and store your cooker.

Slow cooker feature

The new instant pot max has an internal thermometer which can indicate temperature making it a sous vide machine. The slow cooker feature will make you fall in love with the instant pot max.

Sound Alerts

Sound alerts are found in almost every device these days and I know it can be super annoying sometimes. The Max model allows you to mute these alerts. Wow isn’t it is great? This way, you can cook without any disturbance. So now if you want to cook a surprise dinner and don’t want your better half to know then just turn those sounds off using the mute option.

Easy Cleaning

The automated processes have made the cleaning process of the Instant Pot Max really easy. It requires less time and effort, helping you to save your precious energy and valuable time. There is a valve inside the lid which you can remove to clean. Yes it is that simple!

Highly durable

The Instant Pot Max is quite durable, and the material is highly solid giving users stability when they use it on a daily basis. There is less wear and tear, making the device efficient for every day use.

Safety features

The new addition has many safety features including the safety lid lock, anti-clock shield, burn and overheat protection layer. Such options make it safe for any user to cook dishes in the instant pot max especially if you do not have prior experience. Cooking in pressure cookers could be very dangerous in comparison. More than 13 safety features have been incorporated in the Instant Pot Max to offer the best experience to customers.

Precise prep of ingredients

The adjustment options given in instant pot max gives users variety of cooking options helping them to follow their own cooking style, Max allows users to have precise figures when it comes to amount of the ingredients and length of time and this can be helpful for people who are really bad at measurements of ingredients and time management.


Instant Pot Max Cons

Learning Curve

The instant pot max offers a lot of new technological innovations which means that a lot of new things must be learnt as well. Temperature control, pressure control everything must be managed digitally therefore you need to familiarize yourself beforehand. Also, you need to understand the internal working of the pot to cook food better, reading the manual will be really helpful for any newbie.

Note: even if you have used previous models of instant pot or are familiar with technology, it is still advisable to read the manual first before using this new model as it has so many new features and techniques.


If you like buying stuff at economical rates then this might not be the best buy for you because the Instant Pot Max is on the higher end in terms of price. Due to the latest modifications introduced, the Max version of famous instant pots priced much higher than previous ones.

No Wi-Fi

The Instant Pot Max still does not have the Wi-Fi connectivity feature therefore controlling it with phone is not a possibility but the future version can definitely have these additions.

Recipes to be cooked in Instant Pot Max

Wide range of dishes could be cooked in Instant Pot Max starting from hard boiled eggs to chicken Panini, baked potato soup, and cooked vegetarian chili, Pasta and beef stew.

Size of Instant Pot Max

The size of the new instant pot max is 6 quart and the model is readily available in the markets as well. Overall, there aren’t a lot of modifications in terms of size but it is enough for cooking food for 6-7 people.

Do you really need the Instant Pot Max? Final Word

Instant Pot Max’s versatile features can make your life really easy so if you’re a tech savvy person or an experimental sort of person who loves to cook new dishes then Instant Pot Max is the device to have. Also, if you are already an Instant Pot user then you will definitely enjoy this new version which offers pressure control, temperature control, mute sound options, nutriboost and range of cooking options.


On the other hand, if you’re trying to save some money then probably this is not one of best options for you. Just because it lets you control the cooking remotely, it may be necessarily be the right fit for everyone. All in all if you are a true food enthusiast then definitely give the Instant Pot Max a try!



11 thoughts on “Instant Pot Max Review: Is It Worth the Money?”

  1. The best cooking appliance ever made! Easy to use, cooks food faster, offers several brilliant features, safe, easy to maintain…. what else does one need?!

  2. My first purchase was the Ultra and it is an amazing cooker. Max, however is even better. I highly recommend this cooker to everyone who have experience in cooking and want to customize their meals. This Instant Pot has fewer presets and gives the user more control.

  3. Purchased this instant pot mainly for pressure cooking but have managed to most of its all functions except yogurt and canning. This appliance is seriously effortless. I’d recommend it to everyone planning to purchase a new cooking device.

  4. Instant Pots are much safer than the traditional cookers as they’re equipped with several additional safety features. Also, with an IP, the taste of your meals remains consistent. I’ve been using IP Max for 2 years now, and I have to say it’s the best cooking appliance I have ever used. Cooking has become 2x easier with it.


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