Instant Pot Explosion, Injuries, & Lawsuits: All You Need to Know

This article deals with all you need to know about Instant Pot explosion, safety features, and lawsuits. If you want to buy an instant pot and need information about the different instapot models, read our article: Instapot Reviews

There are certain appliances in your kitchen that help you cook faster, but they require more attention and care than other cookware. If you have an instapot, you’d know that it speeds up the cooking process and helps you prepare your favorite dishes in no time. But at the same time, it requires extra attention. 

Many cases of instant pot explosion have been reported that have led to serious damage to the cook and members of the house. That’s why have to be really careful when using an instapot. Knowing about instapot, understanding its functions, and taking precautions can help you avoid such incidents.

We have listed all the critical information about instapot for you below along with several issues related to it. Read on!  

Is Instant Pot Safe?

Although the risk of an instapot explosion is way lower than a traditional pressure cooker, it is not impossible. Instant pots come with several safety measures, which if followed properly can save the users from such accidents.

What can go wrong with an Instant Pot? And how to avoid it?

Now that you know about the functions and benefits of the instapot, you must know that this device can cause severe accidents if not used properly. There are certain precautionary measures that you need to take while using an instant pot, otherwise it can be very dangerous. 

Can an Instant Pot Explode?

A lot of cases have been reported that confirm the associated risk with using instant pot. Here are some of the incidents that have been reported in the past

This incident was reported by a Colorado Family who also filed a law pursuit against the company. The instant pot exploded in their kitchen and severely burned a nine-year-old girl. Her arms and face got seriously affected and it was a third-degree burn. Though the girl thankfully survived, she got permanent burns on her face and body. 

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Another incident that took place in Texas also made people afraid of instant pots. In this case, a middle-aged woman got severely injured by the instant pot explosion. Even after following all the safety steps while using the instant pot, she ended up getting a second-degree burn. 

Many users have complained that their instant pots create serious accidents. Sometimes the pinto beans burst out or the cooker lid blows off without warning and so on. 

Such unpleasant incidents can cause serious injuries. The affected users have to suffer severe pain and spend huge amounts of money on treatment, whether they file a lawsuit against the company or not. 

How many Instant Pots have Exploded?

No one can say for sure because not all Instant Pot explosions and mishaps have been reported. And that’s because some of those cases weren’t explosions, per say. Some were more like food eruptions, usually caused when something is wrong with the pressure lid. There have been a handful of posts from people on Reddit as well, mentioning their bad experiences with Instant Pots and how they slightly escaped serious accidents with their Instant Pots.

Now all of this doesn’t mean that you should throw away your Instant Pot and look for a better substitute. Instant Pots are amazing kitchen appliances used by hundreds of thousands of Americans. The takeaway here is that you should take precautionary steps when using it.

Instant Pot Lawsuits

The instruction manual that comes with Instant Pot says that it has a special safety pressure that prevents the lid from opening when it’s under pressure. However, the lid HAS opened up under pressure in some cases and has caused serious harm/mess. And that’s how Instant Pot Lawsuit became a thing. If you get injured by your Instant Pot, you can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturers of Instant Pot, as well as the distributors and advertisers.

Precautionary Steps to Avoid Instant Pot Accidents

You have to be conscious while using an instapot if you want to avoid such incidents. Here are a few precautionary measures you can take to stay safe: 

  • Do not put too much liquid or food in an instant pot as that can cause an explosion. 
  • Food elements like split peas, cranberries, noodles, applesauce rhubarb, etc. can create foam which can clog the valve. This may create too much pressure in the instant pot and lead to accidents. So be extra careful while cooking these food items in an instapot. 
  • Make sure the lid is set properly, as any dispute with the instapot lid can lead to severe damages. 
  • Read the manual carefully before you start using the instant pot. There are several incidents that happen only due to not reading and understanding the user manual properly. 
  • Never stand close to the valve of the instant pot. Standing close to it or touching it can cause serious injuries in case valve explodes. 
  • Make sure the pressure release mechanism is working fine. If it ever gets sealed, the result will be a huge instant pot explosion which will damage your kitchen. 


Other Tips to Prevent Instant Pot Injury

Keep the liquid level low:

Always use ½ – 1 cup of liquid while cooking. Instant pot builds up pressure inside in order to cook the food. Therefore, adding half to one cup of water can pressurize the cooker and make it easily to prepare the food. Never skip this step to avoid explosion. 

Keep the food level low:

Never fill up the food to the maximum level of pressure cooking in your instapot. There are many food elements that expand during the cooking process. If those elements clog the valve, it can cause an explosion. So while cooking meals like pasta, rice, beans, oats, etc., always keep the level lower than the maximum to avoid any accident. 

Use different buttons and functions:

Try to utilize different functions and buttons while cooking. An instapot can be used to cook various food items. There are several buttons which can be used in different styles of cooking. For example, the button you use to boil rice or potato will not be the same as the ones you must use for boiling meat and vegetables. 

Never use instapot for deep-frying:

Many people like experimenting instapot for frying, but this shouldn’t be done. Remember that this appliance cannot create that much pressure to fry your food. By trying to fry in it forcefully, you will end up damaging the instant pot and that additional pressure built in it may lead to an explosion.

Adjust the temperature and timing:

Always adjust the timing and temperature according to your cooking. When you use the instant pot as a slow cooker, make sure to adjust the temperature as per the food you’re preparing. If you skip this step, instapot may give you burn alert. 

Never go near the steam:

Otherwise the exposed parts of your body can get severely burnt in case an accident occurs. Also, make sure you keep your face away while opening its lid. If you want to quickly release the pressure, never do it without wearing gloves or oven mitts, else you might burn your hands. 

Let the pressure build:

Always wait 10-15 minutes for your instapot to build up enough pressure. You can do it manually or use a pressure button, but make sure this time is given to the appliance to create pressure. For example, if you boil rice, the instant pot requires about 30 minutes to cook it. So you should give at least 40 to 45 minutes to the entire cooking process. 

Always clean the gasket properly and check carefully if there is any crack. It’s because such damages can lead to serious accidents. Also, make sure you replace instant pot’s sealing ring at least once a year. 

So, here’s all the information you needed about instant pot and the safety risks it brings along. By using instant pot, you can save a lot of money and time, but the safety measures should never be compromised. 

Several instant pot accidents have occurred in the previous years. So, be very cautious while using it and take all the precautionary measures measured above. Also, keep your children and pets away from the kitchen when this appliance is being used. 

It is highly recommended to go for renowned brands to get assured that the product is of good quality and not that much risky to use. It’s better to spend some extra money once than to experience unpleasant incidents later. 

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