Instant Pot Duo vs Smart: Head to Head

Whenever we go out to purchase any appliance for our kitchen, we always consider a few factors, one them being the number of functions it can perform and how efficiently it can work. There are obviously a lot of other factors to ponder over as well such as the price, the quality, size, functionality etc.  In today’s article, we’ll have a close look at the features, pros, and cons of Instant Pot Duo vs Smart, both very popular models of the Instant Pot family.

Instant Pot Duo

Instant Pot duo is a multicooker and a good replacement to the conventional pressure cooker as it can perform multiple functions. In fact, it’s one of the best instapot models on the market. It can become a rice cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker and can even sauté food. Seems to be unrealistic, well it isn’t. The cherry on top is that Instant Pot Duo uses 70% less energy during the cooking process and is a highly efficient device because it makes food ergonomically, the true flavors of the dish are never lost therefore food seems to be tastier than usual. Now imagine you’re making Juicy Butter Herb Turkey for Thanksgiving; won’t it taste heavenly if the mixture of butter and herbs is perfect? It will obviously be magical but it’s not easy to do that magic. Instant Pot Duo helps you to achieve this standard of your food with ease.  The cooking process is also super convenient as Instant Pot Duo gives you a variety of options and one can set different modes for different kind of dishes

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Pros of Instant Pot Duo

Sealing the taste

Instant Pot Duo is known for maintaining the taste of any dish, this is because the 3-ply bottom helps the heat spread evenly which is perfect for cooking. The nutrients and flavor of every ingredient is sealed so the taste remains authentic and original.

3rd generation technology

The pot is equipped with 3rd generation technology which helps in monitoring time, pressure, temperature all at the same time. All of these do not have to be monitored manually so chance of a human error is considerably reduced.

Quality Material

The biggest pro of Instant Pot Duo is that it has no chemical coating and the material used for its manufacturing is highly durable. There is no risk of leakage of harmful chemicals into the food or release of toxins. The quality is ensured, and integrity is surely not compromised.

24 hour delay timer

There is also a reinstalled 24 hours delay timer in the Instant Pot Duo which makes the process of cooking less cumbersome and helps you cook according to your own time and schedule. This is a relief for working women like us who are on the go all the time.


The cooking appliance is highly versatile because it can replace up to 7 other appliances, if you have an Instant Pot Duo then you do not need a rice maker, a steamer, a yogurt maker or even any other device for canning or sautéing! Now isn’t that great because today almost everything is so expensive that buying so many kitchen appliances can be a bit heavy on our wallets so it’s better, we stick to innovative devices which offer easy solutions and better range. The Instant Pot Duo also has 14 pre-programmed dishes through which you can cook these dishes with a simple click of a button. Imagine how easy life would be if you just put the rice in the pot, hit the button and then you are free to read your book or do your facial! This is the kind of ease with which you can cook in the Instant Pot Duo.

Cons of Instant Pot Duo

No baking module

Although there are a variety of options available yet one module which is absent and can prove to be the biggest con for food lovers is the absence of the baking module. A lot of us love eating cakes and brownies, my sister is just crazy after them, but Instant Pot Duo turned out to be a disappointment for her because it did not have the option of baking. Therefore, if you have a sweet tooth and are especially looking forward to making your favorite chocolate cake in it then this might not be the one for you!

No Wi-Fi

A lot of the advanced models of Instant Pots do have the Wi-Fi feature but it is not available for Instant Pot Duo therefore a lot of buyers are apprehensive in getting it. One cannot monitor the progress online or even sync the device with alarms etc. It is because of this reason that Instant Pot Duo has received criticism.


Instant Pot Smart

Instant Pot Smart is the smartest device that you have ever seen, it is a dream appliance for any chef or cook because it is both innovative and it enhances quality of food. It has 12 pre-set temperatures and 13 pre-programmed dishes. However, this is not the only thing which makes it smart but there is addition of extra and extremely important feature which makes it all the more attractive. Want to know what is the secret feature? Jump over to our next section which discusses every aspect of Instant Pot Smart in detail.

Smart Pot with smarter connection

The one feature in Instant Smart Pot which takes it onto a whole new level is the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection! The smart pot is also linked to an app which has more than 1000 delicious recipes. From Pot roasts to cornbread to grilled steak to lobster rolls, almost every exciting dish is part of the list. With the smart WI-FI connection users can monitor, schedule and adjust the setting of their dish manually, isn’t that super amazing! Just imagine yourself sitting in your office and controlling your dish being cooked at home, what else could one ask for! The app also sends you alerts about the progress of your dish and keeps you informed all the time. Once cooked you can share pictures and recipes of your dish with friends and family with just a single click

If you are a lazy person like me who just hates getting up from the bed to turn off the stove, then with Instant Smart Pot your life will become heavenly. How is that possible? Instant Smart Pot can be connected with Alexa and all the functions can be controlled through your voice. Isn’t it cool?

Fancy accessories

The Instant Smart Pot will be the best choice for you from all aspects. Even the accessories of the pot are to die for. The stainless steam rack with handles soup spoon, accompanying measuring cup, condensation collector and rice paddle will make you fall in love with this super smart device. There is no need to buy small accessories separately because everything is provided with the pot.

Safety Mechanisms

There are 11 plus safety mechanisms deployed in the Instant Smart Pot which help you to avoid mishaps that might be very common with pressure cookers. Since everything is synced and automated therefore chances of uneven pressure or unexpected high temperature are very low. Before using Instant Smart Pot even, I was very scared of using these pots for cooking because somehow the other I always ended up having an accident. However, working of Instant Smart Pot is so easy and smooth that you do not need to worry about anything else.

Cons of Instant Smart Pot

It is understandable that if an appliance has so many high-end options then it will be rather expensive. This is considered to be one of the biggest con of Instant Smart Pot because it’s price is relatively higher than all other pots.

Size limitation

While other pots come in a range of sizes, Instant Smart Pot only comes in size 6qt.

Learning Curve

If you are new to the technology, then understanding the app and wi-fi system maybe a bit tough for you and it will take some time before you completely get the hang of it but once you do understand it then your life is sorted.


Instant Pot Duo vs Smart Verdict

Without a second doubt the clear winner over here is Instant Smart Pot because it is everything you could dream of, it is a highly smart device offering multiple solutions without any hassle. From wi-fi connectivity to virtual control and range of food options, the Smart pot helps you to make your cooking experience memorable. It is the appliance of the future and although it is a bit expensive, but it is definitely one investment you will not regret making!

4 thoughts on “Instant Pot Duo vs Smart: Head to Head”

  1. Purchasing Instant Pot Smart was the best decision I’ve ever taken for my kitchen work. It has made daily cooking so much easier. It not only saves time but also your energy. Super happy to own it!

  2. IP Smart is definitely smarter than the Duo. If you’re looking for a cooker that does it all then go for IP Smart. It does have a learning curve but once you’ve understood how it works, it’s going to make cooking 10x more fun for you.


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