How to Clean an Instant Pot: The Ultimate Guide

Instant Pot is an outstanding kitchen appliance that has made our lives so much easier. It’s truly multi-functional and can be used as a steamer, rice cooker, warmer, slow cooker and much more. The functionalities may also vary depending upon the model that you purchase.

If you are an instant pot user, you must be really satisfied with this product but when it comes to cleaning an instant pot, you might get worried. So nothing to worry about, because in this guide I am going to share everything you need to know about how to clean an Instant Pot.

In this article, I am going to share the cleaning tips of every single part that your instant pot contains. So let’s get started with some amazing care and cleaning tips for your instant pot.

Steps for Cleaning different parts of Instant Pot:

Before proceeding towards the steps for cleaning your instant pot, firstly I would like my readers to know about the different parts of your instant pot. Instant Pot includes;

  1. Lid
  2. Ring
  3. Inner pot
  4. Seal
  5. Liner
  6. Heating elements
  7. Condensation Collector
  8. Steam Rack

how to clean instant pot

Now proceeding towards the cleaning tips of the above-mentioned parts of your instant pot.

How to Clean Instant Pot Lid?

The lid is regarded as one of the most elemental and essential part of your instant pot. The lid provides pressure with the help of which food is cooked easily.
Lid requires deep constant cleaning because sometimes normal cleaning and washing do not remove dirt and odor from the lid while the execution of deep washing can.
For cleaning the instant pot lid, I will share the normal cleaning method as well as a deep cleaning method.

Normal Cleaning Method

i- Clean lid with Damp And Moist Cloth:
Clean your instant pot lid with a damp and moist cloth. Do it after each use.

ii- Clean lid with a dishwasher:
Clean your lid with the use of a dishwasher. Do it after 2 or 3 uses. Make sure to clean the lid in the dishwasher when it is cool. Placing a hot lid in a dishwasher may harm your hands.

iii- Wash lid with a bar of dish soap:
Before washing a lid with a bar of dish soap, first of all, you have to separate the anti-block shield from the lid. An anti-block shield is basically a metal cap that is present in the lid. The metal cap contains round about six small holes and demands for proper cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Method

i- Set parts of Anti block shield aside:
For deep cleaning your lid, first of all, separate all the parts of an anti-block shield and keep all of them at the side.

ii- Put small pieces in Vinegar:
Put all the small pieces of the anti-block shield of the lid in a container and which must be filled with white vinegar. This step must be done for at least an hour.

iii- Wash All the pieces:
Now wash all the small pieces of an anti-block shield with water and leave it to get dry.

How to Clean the Instant Pot Ring?

Instant pot ring is an integral component that is present inside of your lid. It functions very well, especially for the steaming purpose. It catches the smell of food early, that’s why it needs proper and deep cleaning.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Ring

i- You can clean your instant pot ring in the dishwasher as it is safe to clean the ring in it.
ii- Another easy method to clean an instant pot ring is to put it in vinegar and water. Make sure to add water in a dilute and in very small amounts.
iii- Now clean it using dish soap and leave it to dry.
iv- if you don’t like to use dish soap, you can also clean the sealing ring of your lid in a dishwasher.

How to Clean Instant Pot Inner Pot?

If you want to clean an inner pot of your instant pot and keep it like new then here I am going to share easy tips by which you can deep clean the inner pot of your instant pot.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Inner Pot

i- Pour 1 cup of vinegar at the center of your instant pot.
ii- Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
iii- Drain out the vinegar from the inner pot of your instant pot.
iv- Now wash your inner pot well and here you go, your inner pot is stainless.

How to Clean Instant Pot Seal?

Seal adds pressure so that the food gets cooked and in return produces the steam. It lets you know when your food is done. Let’s proceed towards the cleaning procedure of your instant pot Seal.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Seal

i- Put two cups of white vinegar in your instant pot (you can also use lemon or water instead of white vinegar).
ii- Tightly seal your instant pot.
iii- Set the appliance at the time duration of roundabout two minutes.
iv- Now run an appliance.
v- After running an appliance for 2 minutes, leave it to dry.
vi- it will result in a good smell of your instant pot.

How to Clean Instant Pot Liner?

Instant pot liner is basically the most usable and sensitive part of your instant pot which needs to be clean and clear on an immediate basis.
Now let’s get started with the cleaning method of Instant Pot Liner.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Liner

i- First of all take out your instant pot cooker.
ii- Fill out the bottom of your instant pot with white vinegar.
iii- Now add some baking soda in white vinegar.
iv- Use a toothbrush or any other brush and stir it fastly over the stains in your instant pot liner.
v- Repeat the process second and third time until it gets clean like new.

How to Clean Instant Pot Heating Elements?

The heating elements of Instant Pot is the base of your cooker. In order to clean the heating elements of your instant pot, first of all, you have to make them cool enough.
If you start cleaning the cooker base without allowing it to cool down, it may harm you.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Heating Elements

i- Before cleaning your instant pot, cool down the cooker base and other heating elements.
ii- Take a damp and moist cloth and start cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the instant pot.
iii- You may also use a toothbrush to scrub the cooker base if a damp cloth is not enough to remove that stain.

How to Clean Instant Pot Condensation Collector?

It functions the same as the heating elements and cooker base of your instant pot. Its functionality in your instant pot is to assemble and complete the condensation while the food is being cooked.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Condensation Collector

The method for cleaning a condensation collector is extremely simple.
i- All you have to do is to wash it properly after every use.
ii- After every wash, let it dry perfectly.

How to Clean Instant Pot Steam Rack?

Steam Rack is used for placing the food inside it and to provide steam to the food which is being cooked. Maybe your instant pot does not contain a rack because sadly all instant pots do not come up with this rack. It’s a kind of basket, I would recommend you to use a steam rack if you use your instant pot on a daily basis. The best part about the steam rack is that it is dishwasher friendly. You can easily deep clean it by using your dishwasher.

Method For Cleaning Instant Pot Steam Rack

i- Wash it with your hands. Do it after every use.
ii- In case of the appearance of marks and stains on your steam rack, you can easily clean them by the use of white vinegar. Make sure to add a dilute amount of water in vinegar.

Final Thoughts:

So if you are new to the world of Instant Pot then this is the perfect guide for you. Enjoy your meals cooked in instant pot and clean your instant pot by following the above mentioned caring tips.
I hope you would like this piece of content. I will be sharing more amazing secret tips regarding your kitchen appliances in my upcoming articles. So keep visiting our website for more and do share it with your family and friends.

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